Appointment Booking Information 

All appointments require a non-refundable deposit to guarantee a specific time and date. Single session deposits are $50, while multi-session appointments require a $100 deposit. All deposits will be taken off of the total price of your tattoo at the final session.

We require at least  48 hours notice for any cancelations/rescheduling in order to keep your deposit transferrable to the new appointment. Canceling your appointment within the 48 hour threshold will result in a loss of deposit, and a new one will be required to make a new appointment. 

Unless previously discussed with your artist or management, all tattoo appointments must be made in person, at the shop. We will make an exception for very small/simple tattoos if we feel we do not need to have an in person consultation.

If applicable, we will finalize appointments and accept deposits over the phone via Credit/Debit Card. No appointments will be made without a deposit.

Fill out the form below to request a consultation for your tattoo.

Please keep in mind that this is not a tattoo appointment. Consultations are a short window of time set aside to discuss your idea with an artist, get a price quote, and set up the appointment for your tattoo. 

Please note that Jay Gorman, Kailee Love and Orge Kalodimas make their own appointments - their information is listed below

Jay Gorman -

Kailee Love -

Orge Kalodimas -

Orge is currently booking March of 2020.

Mike is currently booking September of 2019.

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Kailee Love and Jay Gorman book their own appointments. Please contact them directly with the contact information posted above.
Please let us know if: You have a specific date/time in mind or if certain days of the week / times work better for you in general
If you have reference photos, we will ask you to send them over once we reply to your inquiry.