Appointment Booking Information 

All appointments require a non-refundable deposit to guarantee a specific time and date. Single session deposits are $50, while multi-session appointments require a $100 deposit. All deposits will be taken off of the total price of your tattoo at the final session.

We require at least  48 hours notice for any cancelations/rescheduling in order to keep your deposit transferrable to the new appointment. Canceling your appointment within the 48 hour threshold will result in a loss of deposit, and a new one will be required to make a new appointment. 

Unless previously discussed with your artist or management, all tattoo appointments must be made in person, at the shop. If applicable, we will finalize appointments and accept deposits over the phone via Credit/Debit Card. No appointments will be made without a deposit.

Fill out the form below to request a consultation for your tattoo.

Please keep in mind that this is not a tattoo appointment. Consultations are a short window of time set aside to discuss your idea with an artist, get a price quote, and set up the appointment for your tattoo. 

Please note that Jay Gorman, Kailee Love and Orge Kalodimas make their own appointments - their information is listed below

Jay Gorman -

Kailee Love -

Kailee is currently booking January-March 2019

Orge Kalodimas -

Orge is currently booking March & July of 2019

Mike is currently booking January 2019

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Kailee Love and Jay Gorman book their own appointments. Please contact them directly with the contact information posted above.